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      Freshwater aquaculture for rural communities 

      MRR Romana-Eguia & RV Eguia - In Training Handbook on Rural Aquaculture, 2009 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
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      Growth of five Asian red tilapia strains in saline environments 

      MRR Romana-Eguia & RV Eguia - Aquaculture, 1999 - Elsevier
      Growth of five Asian red tilapia strains (BFS, NIFI, FAC, PF and HL) were evaluated in brackish and seawater. Eight-week-old juveniles from the five test strains were size-matched with similarly aged Oreochromis mossambicus which served as internal reference. Fish were stocked at a ratio of 15 test:15 reference in 100-l tanks supported by a recirculating system. Commercial feed was given twice daily at 10-20% of the fish biomass. Growth, measured from length and weight increment at 10 weeks, was recorded. Statistical analyses on mean specific growth rates showed significant differences among the strains reared in seawater. The Philippine strain PF grew best in seawater while the Thai strain NIFI performed well in brackishwater. In the Philippines, red tilapias are farmed in intensive freshwater culture systems by few aquaculturists. Results of this study indicate that some Asian strains can be developed for use in more sustainable brackish and seawater culture systems.
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      Pagpapalaki ng tilapya 

      RV Eguia, MRR Eguia & ZU Basiao - 1996 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      Series: Aquaculture extension manual; No. 22
      The manual discusses tilapia culture methods in concrete tanks, netcages, and fishponds. It details the species of tilapia cultured in the Philippines, which include Oreochromis nilotucus, O. mossambicus, O. aureus. It covers the following: site selection; construction of netcages and its modules; fishpond construction and pond preparation; criteria for fry selection; stocking; netcage and pond management including water quality management; and harvest.

      The manual also lists the agencies involved in tilapia research and development in the Philippines; defines some technical terms in a glossary, and lists some useful references.