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    • Conference paper

      Myanmar: Status of implementation of the resolution and plan of action on aquaculture. 

      H Win - In BO Acosta, RM Coloso, EGT de Jesus-Ayson & JD Toledo (Eds.), Sustainable aquaculture development for food security in Southeast Asia towards 2020. Proceedings of the Regional Technical Consultation on Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Southeast Asia Towards 2020, 2011 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      This report discusses the long term and short-term project plans for aquaculture development such as the expansion of farming area and management plan for supply of good quality seed through promotion of strains of parent major carp stocks. The report also includes the successful and unsuccessful activities on environment-friendly aquaculture such as mangrove-friendly shrimp culture and organic farming practices. Recognizing the impacts of aquaculture on environment and impacts of improper practices on market trends, Myanmar Department of Fisheries is formulating Good aquaculture practices (GAPs) based on experiences of other Asian countries.

      This report explains the role of human resource capabilities and development schemes at different levels and at the same time decentralization that enhances the necessary core expertise that will address issues on disease, nutrition, hatchery and grow-out technology. Moreover, the report expresses the promotion of livelihood of the rural people through small-scale aquaculture based on community and grass-root level through participatory approach. It reveals the future prospects and proposed concepts on resolution of emerging world climate challenges towards the economical and sustainable aquaculture development.