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    • Conference paper

      The ecological impact of tilapia cage culture in Sampaloc Lake, Philippines 

      AE Santiago - In LM Chou, AD Munro, TJ Lam, TW Chen, LKK Cheong, JK Ding, KK Hooi, HW Khoo, VPE Phang, KF Shim & CH Tan (Eds.), The Third Asian Fisheries Forum. Proceedings of the Third Asian Fisheries Forum, 26-30 October 1992, Singapore, 1994 - Asian Fisheries Society
      Sampaloc lake showed imminent biological death as a consequence of intensive tilapia farming in floating net cages. The progressive disappearance of dissolved oxygen in the entire water column may be an irreversible trend due to continuous feeding. The high amount of BOD5 and the near toxic concentration of total ammonia and total sulphides are ominous signs. Other ecological changes in the lake are the non-appearance of Microcystis bloom, change in phytoplankton composition, number, and species diversity.
    • Article

      Survival rates of different Penaeus monodon Fabricius postlarval stages 

      JH Primavera - Philippine Journal of Science, 1976 - National Science Development Board
      Four different postlarval stages (P11, P15 , P21, and P25) of P. monodon were stocked in suspension nets at the rate of 200 fry/sq m with 3 nets for each postlarval stage. Pond bottom was simulated by filling each net with a 15 cm layer of mud; dried twigs were provided for protection of the fry. Feeding with lablab and determination of temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, salinity and alkalinity were regularly undertaken. Results show higher survival rates for P15 and P18 compared to the other stages.