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      Gathering of economically important seaweeds in Western Visayas, Philippines 

      AQ Hurtado-Ponce, MRJ Luhan & NG Guanzon Jr. - The Philippine Scientist, 1992 - San Carlos Publications
      A survey was conducted in 12 coastal municipalities of Western Visayas, Philippines from March to July 1990 to determine the seaweed gathering practices of fishermen. There were 83 gatherers involved in this small-scale industry, who live below the poverty line and who consider it as the number one minor source of income. Only seaweeds of commercial value are gathered in big volume. There were approximately 114 T year-1 of seaweeds harvested from natural stock with a market value of P414, 950.00 ($14,819.64). The harvest is broken down into 3 main groups: (1) agarophytes, 99.5 T (Gelidiella, Gracilaria and Gracilariopsis), (2) carrageenophytes, 10 T (Eucheuma and Kappaphycus) and (3) table vegetable, 10 T (Caulerpa). An average maximum income of P5,600.00 or $200 gatherer-1 season-1 is derived from seaweed gathering.