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      Variation of otolith strontium concentration in elongate surgeonfish, Acanthurus mata 

      S Seike, JD Toledo, T Umino & H Nakagawa - Ite Letters on Batteries New Technologies and Medicine, 2005 - Ite-iba Inc.
      The Elongate surgeonfish Acanthurus mata caught from the sea and feeding in the milkfish’s net cages separated from wild fish were measured for their otolith strontium (Sr) concentration using an wave-length dispersive electron probe micro analyzer. The analysis showed three types of Sr distributions in the otolith of wild fish, but the type from artificially fed fish caught in cages was unchanged. The Sr concentration in the otolith could be influence by the water chemistry and/or food composition, and other factors. In conclusion, if you try understand the Elongate surgeonfish life-history based on it’s Sr concentration variation, one should take great care.