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      Note: larvae of decapod crustacea of the Philippines. II. Laboratory-hatched first zoea of box crab 

      H Motoh - The Philippine Agriculturist, 1976 - College of Agriculture and Central Experiment Station, University of the Philippines at Los Baños
      This is the first report in the world on the characters of the first zoea of Calappa philargius under laboratory conditions. The zoea has a rostral, a dorsal and a pair of lateral spines on the carapace. The average length of larvae from tip of rostral to tip of dorsal spine is 1.26 mm, width, including both lateral spines, 0.74 mm and that of distance between outer margins of eyes, 0.47 mm. There are a pair of lateral hooks on the second and third abdominal segments. There are four natatory hairs on the first and second maxillipeds. Spinal arrangements on the endopodites of the first and second maxillipeds from proximal to distal segment are 2-1-0-2-5 (or 4) and 1-1-4 (or 3), respectively. The number of inner setae on the telson is six (3+3).