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    • Conference paper

      Occurrence of aberrant spermatids in the freshwater sculpin, Cottus nozawae Snyder 

      GF Quinitio & H Takashi - In LM Chou, AD Munro, TJ Lam, TW Chen, LKK Cheong, JK Ding, HW Khoo, VPE Phang, KF Shim & CH Tan (Eds.), The Third Asian Fisheries Forum. Proceedings of the Third Asian Fisheries Forum, 26-30 October 1992, Singapore, 1994 - Asian Fisheries Society
      Light and electron microscopic investigation were conducted on the spermatogenic cell in the testis of the freshwater sculpin, Cottus nozawae. Light microscopic examination showed that two types of spermatids, normal and aberrant, qxisted in the seminal lobule during the regular testicular activity. Both spermaids were mononucleate but the aberrant spermatids ha mor basophilic nucleus than the normal. Aberrant spermatids enlarged and were than released into lumen of the seminal lobules. Ultrastucturally, highly electron-bense granules occurred in the nuclear chromatin of aberrant spermatids. These increased in size becoming the core of chromatin globules which then filled the enlargeed nucleus. The aberrant spermatids when released into the lobule lumen underwent further degeneration.