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      On the new species of Penaeus (Crustacea, Decapoda: Penaeidae) from North Borneo 

      MS Muthu & H Motoh - Researches on Crustacea, 1979 - Carcinological Society of Japan
      A new species of penaeid prawn, Penaeus silasi from North Borneo is described in detail and compared with the closely related species such as P. indicus, P. merguiensis and P. penicillatus. The new species is characterized by the following features : The 3rd maxilliped of the adult male has a dactylus as long as or slightly shorter than the propodus which has only a rudimentary tuft of hair instead of a long tuft of bristles as in P. indicus; the anterior plate of the thelycum is triangular and relatively prominent.