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      Ion chromatography of inorganic anions in brine samples 

      PF Subosa, K Kihara, S Rokushika, H Hatano, T Murayama, T Kubota & Y Hanaoka - Journal of Chromatographic Science, 1989 - Oxford University Press
      An ion chromatographic method for separating and detecting anions in brine samples is described. Nitrite, bromide, nitrate, and sulfate ions in brine samples are well separated when chloride ion concentration in the sample solution is below 2000 ppm. However, at higher chloride concentrations, nitrite and chloride peaks are not resolved. Low level nitrite ion in the brine sample is separated from a major chloride ion by a heart-cutting and recycling system. After elution, the unresolved portion, including the nitrite ion, is cut and trapped in a 10-mL sample collecting loop and reinjected on the column by using 6- and 4-port valve systems. The detection limit of nitrite spiked in the seawater samples is 0.5 ppm.