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    • Article

      Effects of temperature on behavior, growth, development and survival of young milkfish, Chanos chanos Forsskal 

      AC Villaluz & A Unggui - SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department Quarterly Research Report, 1981 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      The effects of 3 temperature treatments on activity, feeding, growth, development and survival of young milkfish (Chanos chanos) were investigated under laboratory conditions. It is believed that the results may be applied to develop a land-based mass production technology in rearing milkfish fry to fingerlings.
    • Conference paper

      Milkfish fry collection and handling. 

      AC Villaluz - In H Tanaka, KR Uwate, JV Juario, CS Lee & R Foscarini (Eds.), Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Milkfish Culture Development in the South Pacific, 21-25 November 1988, Tarawa, Kiribati, 1990 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, South Pacific Aquaculture Development Project
      Milkfish fry can be collected in almost all the coastal waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific region. The fry season occurs at different times of the year in various sections of the species' geographical range. The season is longer near the equator and become progressively shorter at higher latitudes. In regions affected by monsoon or trade winds, the peak fry season typically coincides with one or both of the biannual wind shifts. These seasonal peaks are more or less predictable, but fry abundance may vary from year to year.

      This paper summarizes the methods and practices of collection, storage, transport and acclimation of milkfish fry in various countries.