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      Seabream GnRH: partial cDNA cloning, localization and stage-dependent expression in the ovary of snake head murrel, Channa striatus 

      I Swapna, G Sreenivasulu, MK Rasheeda, K Thangaraj, R Kirubagaran, K Okuzawa, H Kagawa & B Senthilkumaran - Fish Physiology and Biochemistry, 2005 - Springer Verlag
      Vertebrate reproduction is under the neuroendocrine control of the hypothalamic decapeptide GnRH which synchronizes various reproductive events and influences other reproduction related aspects like spawning behavior and pheromonal action in fish. Multiple forms of GnRH peptides have been reported across diverse vertebrate and invertebrate classes. Here we report the partial seabream GnRH (sbGnRH) cDNA sequence cloned from the brain of Channa striatus (snake head murrel) a fresh water perciform with immense economic and medicinal value across Asiatic countries. sbGnRH mRNA was found in brain, gill and ovary of mature murrel with possible implications to the effect of GnRH on pheromonal phenomena and on reinitiation of oocyte meiosis. In keeping with the earlier reported role of GnRH in initiation of oocyte meiosis we here present evidence from RT-PCR, ICC demonstrating an increase in the level of sbGnRH mRNA in ovary from pre-vitellogenic to post-vitellogenic follicles.