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      Relationship between diet composition and growth rate of the zoeal and mysis stages of Penaeus japonicus Bate 

      CT Villegas & A Kanazawa - SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department Quarterly Research Report, 1978 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      Diets containing Chaetoceros gracilis plus Artemia nauplii artificially prepared diet, Diet-B, and two commercial feeds Tapes and mysid meals, were fed to larvae of P. japonicus. Highest survival rate was obtained when larvae were fed with Diet-B. The results show that the early larval stages of P. japonicus can be reared on artificially prepared diets. Since the chemical composition of the diet is known, it can be used as supplemental data for larval feeding development and nutritional requirement studies for the early larval stages of Penaeus japonicus and/or other penaeids. Information is tabulated on feeds and feeding rates used, composition of the artificial diet, fatty acid composition of lipids of the different diets, and of the sterols of the different diets.