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      Effect of storage temperature on the quality of diets for the prawn, Penaeus monodon Fabricius 

      MC de la Cruz, G Erazo & MN Bautista - Aquaculture, 1989 - Elsevier
      The effect of storage temperature was evaluated on the basis of growth response of prawns fed for 10 weeks with diets stored at 0°C, 10°C, 28°C-31°C (ambient temperatures) and 40°C for a period of 10 weeks. Prawns were stocked at 15 pieces per 60-1 oval thank supplied with water at 28°C and 32 ppt in a flow-trough aerated system.There were five replicate tanks per treatment. Lowest weight gain (20 g) was observed for prawns fed the diet stored at 40°C and significantly higher growth response was observed as the storage temperature decreased (30.2g at 28-31°C; 37.7g at 0°C and 10°C). Body size was significantly (P<0.05) affected by diet after 6 weeks of feeding and highly significantly (P<0.01) after 8 weeks of culture.Peroxide values for diets exposed for 10 weeks to 28°-31°C (2.9 meq/kg). The highest survival rate (76%) and feed conversion (8.9%) were observed for prawns fed diets stored at low temperatures (0° or 10°C). Severe necrosis of the hepatopancreatic cells was observed in P. monodon fed with diet stored at the high temperature.