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      Shrimp hatchery design, operation and management 

      P Kungvankij, LB Tiro Jr., BJ Pudadera Jr., IO Potestas, KG Corre, EL Borlongan, GA Talean, LF Bustilo, ET Tech, A Unggui & TE Chua - 1986 - Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia
      Series: Aquaculture extension manual; No. 14
      Details are given of factors to be taken into account for successful hatchery operation. The following aspects are covered: 1) site selection; 2) hatchery design and construction; 3) life cycle; 4) preparation of broodstock for spawning; 5) larval feed; 6) spawning, hatching and larval rearing facilities; 7) spawner selection and egg collection 8) nauplii hatching and transportation; 9) larval rearing; 10) routine hatching, management; 11) port-larvae nursery; and 12) larval harvesting and transportation.