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      Net cage culture of tilapia in dams and small farm reservoirs 

      DD Baliao, MA de los Santos, NM Franco & NRS Jamon - 2000 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      Series: Aquaculture extension manual; No. 30
      The manual describes the net cage of tilapia in dams and small farm reservoirs, which has been found to be a low-cost yet high-income earning farm activity and offers an excellent option as an alternative livelihood for poor inland fisherfolks. The following aspects are covered: 1) Characteristics of a suitable site; 2) Design of the net cages - the floating cage, the stationary/fixed cage; 3) Stocking the net cages - source of juveniles, stocking rate, stocking time, acclimation; 4) Management of the cages - feeds and feeding, monitoring activities; 5) Harvesting - partial harvest, total harvest; and, 6) Profitability analysis.