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      Fate and effects of water-borne heavy metals in Penaeus monodon 

      G Vogt & ET Quinitio - In N De Pauw & J Joyce (Eds.), Aquaculture and the environment: short communications and abstracts of contributions presented at the International Conference Aquaculture Europe '91, Dublin, Ireland, June 10-12, 1991, 1991 - European Aquaculture Society
      Heavy metals impair the aquaculture of shrimps and the quality of shrimp products. Some heavy metals occur in high amounts particularly in the hepatopancreas and the antennal gland (Gibson and Barker, 1979). This study was performed in order to determine whether copper, iron, and lead are accumulated in the hepatopancreas and the antennal gland extensions running along the hepatopancreas. Furthermore, damages of these metals and cadmium to the hepatopancreas cells were investigated. According to its commercial significance the giant tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon, was chosen as test species.