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      The effect of background color and rotifer density on rotifer intake, growth and survival of the grouper (Epinephelus suillus) larvae 

      MN Duray, CB Estudillo & LG Alpasan - Aquaculture, 1996 - Elsevier
      Rotifer intake and early growth and survival of Epinephelus suillus larvae were determined in terms of rotifer visibility against the background color of rearing tanks and density. The larvae were stocked at 30 l−1 in 200-l fiberglass tanks with phytoplankton (green water). Larvae were fed rotifers at densities of 5, 10 and 20 ml−1. Growth and survival were comparable among larvae in both tan and black tanks with green water. Rotifer intake was significantly higher in larvae in tan tanks. In black tanks, the survival of larvae at Day 14 was enhanced by the high rotifer density of 20 ml−1. Rotifer intake and growth of larvae were similar at all densities.