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      Bioactivity of stored luteinizing hormone-releasing analogue (LHRHa) in sea bass, Lates calcarifer Bloch 

      LMB Garcia - Journal of Applied Ichthyology, 1996 - Wiley-Blackwell
      The spawning induction activity of dissolved and pelleted (D-Ala6, Pro9 N ethylamide) luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone analogue (LHRHa) stored for various periods was assessed in mature female sea bass. The spawning response of mature fish was reduced significantly after injection of dissolved LHRHa (20 μg kg−1) stored for more than 90 days in a refrigerator (4–10°C) or for more than 30 days at room temperature (28–30°C). Similar to fish administered fresh preparations of LHRHa, fish spawned successfully after injection of a solution of LHRHa previously frozen, subjected to alternate freezing and thawing, exposed to sunlight or implanted pelleted LHRHa (50 ng kg−1) stored at room temperature for 30–120 days. Loss of hormone bioactivity after prolonged storage may have been due to bacterial growth in solubilized preparations. Injection or implantation of stored LHRHa did not influence egg production among treated sea bass. These results demonstrated the relatively prolonged shelf life of stored LHRHa.