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    • Conference paper

      Growth and external reproductive parameters in pond-reared Penaeus monodon. 

      JH Primavera & RV Caballero - In PM Aliño (Ed.), Proceedings of the Second National Symposium in Marine Science, 5-7 November 1992, Mindanao State University, Tawi-tawi, Philippines, 1994 - University of the Philippines, Marine Science Institute
      Pond-reared Penaeus monodon males and females were sampled regularly over a 4 month period of length and weight measurments to the body and external reproductive organs; joining of the petasmata and the presence of sperm in the spermatophores and thelyca were also noted. Astrong linear relationship exists between body weight and length parameters, and between size of thelycum/petasma and carapace length (CL). Both the unification of petasmal endopodites and sperm presence in the spermatophores in males were first observed at Day 121 from stocking (CL 26.4 mm) while sperm was first noted in the thelycum of females at Day 125 (CL 28.6 mm). Male P. monodon with unified petasmata. In general, size were not significantly different between males and females over the culture period.