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      Meristic variations in milkfish Chanos chanos from Philippine waters 

      AC Villaluz & HR MacCrimmon - Marine Biology, 1988 - Springer Verlag
      Variations in meristic characters occur within and between samples of milkfish Chanos chanos (Forsskal) collected on June 1977 from five localities in Philippine waters. The unbranched anal and ventral fin rays are the most plastic, and vertebral number is the most stable of nine meristic characters examined. The number of ventral fin rays is the only meristic feature which differed consistently enough to suggest distinct population groups: South China Sea, comprising samples from Ilocos and Panay Island; Pacific Ocean from Bicol; and Celebes Sea, from Zamboanga and Davao. A discriminant analysis which incorporated generalized distance (Mahanalobis D2) and percent overlap of a reduced set of characters indicated several morphometric subgroups of milkfish in Philippine waters, although geographic subgroups were not clearly demonstrated.