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      Aquaculture economics in Asia and the Pacific: A regional assessment. 

      RF Agbayani, ET Belleza & EC Agbayani - In Aquaculture economics in developing countries: regional assessments and an annotated bibliography, 1997 - Rome: FAO
      A broad overview is given of research and information on aquaculture economics in Asia and the Pacific. Following a description of the general state of aquaculture in the region, an examination is made of the available research and information on the various aquaculture systems: inland/freshwater aquaculture; brackishwater /coastal aquaculture; and, marine aquaculture/sea farming. Studies on post-harvest handling, processing, transportation and marketing, and market analysis and development are discussed. Environmental issues and concerns, social equity and women's issues, community-based coastal resources management, technology transfer and macro-economic policies and institutional structures are also analysed. Aquaculture economics research is also assessed, highlighting thrusts, priorities, constraints and needs.