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      Analysis of nitrite in aqueous solutions containing concentrated matrix ions using an octadecyl-poly(vinyl alcohol) gel microbore column and an electrochemical detector 

      S Rokushika, K Kihara, FM Yamamoto & PF Subosa - Journal of High Resolution Chromatography, 1991 - Dr. Alfred Huethig Publishers
      The importance of the analysis of low level nitrite concentrations in aqueous samples is increasing in various fields such as environmental, food, and aquaculture chemistry. Recent progress in ion chromatography paved the way to the direct analysis of nitrite in water samples at ppm to sub ppb levels. However, analysis of low level nitrite in highly concentrated salt matrix still remains a difficult problem. The presence of a large amount of the matrix ion makes establishment of an ion exchange equilibrium very difficult in the column, often resulting in bad peak shapes [1].

      In previous papers, we reported the analysis of a nitrite and other anions in chloride matrix on a conventional low capacity anion-exchange column by means of a heart-cut and recycling method [1] and by using a potassium chloride eluent [2]. To monitor the nitrite peak, both a UV detector and a conductimetric detector has been used [3]. Several groups have demonstrated the potential of an electrochemical detector for a specific and sensitive detection of nitrate. [4-6].

      Poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) gel have been introduced recently as a chemically stable HPLC column packings [7-9]. It was found that when an acidic eluent was employed, a PVA gel and its acylated gel columns produced large capacity factors for nitrite [10].