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    • Conference paper

      Status of sanitation and marketing of mollusc in the Philippines 

      R Agbayani & FF Abella - In Report of the Workshop and Study Tour on Mollusc Sanitation and Marketing 15-28 October 1989, France, 1989 - Regional Seafarming Development and Demonstration Project; Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia
      The mollusc industry of the Philippines has contributed to the economic development of the country in terms of food production and dollar earning. The industry has continuously provided cheap but nutritious shellfishes. Production was 22, 528 MT in 1981 which increased to 41,700 MT in 1985. Shellfish and shellcraft products exported in 1987 earned an estimated US$ 26.55 million.

      Producing of mollusc for food has not been a fully exploited activity area. Areas suitable for oyster and mussel farming have been underutilized. One reason for the underutilization of potential farming areas is the lack of efficient marketing and processing facilities and appropriate strategies that will encourage more consumption of shellfish. Specifically, the quality of shellfish must be improved through better harvesting, post-harvest/processing techniques and an efficient distribution system.