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      Soft-shell mud crab farming 

      ET Quinitio & MMN Lwin - 2009 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      Farming of soft-shell mud crab (Scylla serrata) has been practiced for some time now in a number of Asian countries. Because of its profitability, there is an increasing interest to engage in this aquaculture business venture. Crabs collected from the wild are the major source of stocks for farming. However, the use of hatchery reared crabs is encouraged so as not to deplete the wild population. Although communal rearing of crabs for soft-shell crab production in cages or in tanks is also practiced, this manual describes the individual rearing of crabs in boxes based on experience in Ranong, Thailand. The techniques can be modified depending on the site. This manual provides a section on the biology of mud crab that includes species identification, molting, and autotomy and regeneration which discloses important information related to the management of soft-shell crab farming. This is followed by a detailed discussion on the setting up and management of the farm for soft-shell crabs. The basis for the computation of cost and return analysis is included under the section on profitability. Cost of materials and labor varies in each country hence only the materials needed and other technical assumptions are listed as basis for computation.