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    • Analysis of biosecurity-related policies governing the seaweed industry of the Philippines 

      Mateo, Jonalyn P.; Campbell, Iona; Cottier-Cook, Elizabeth J.; Luhan, Maria Rovilla J.; Ferriols, Victor Marco Emmanuel N.; Hurtado, Anicia Q. (Springer Verlag, 2020-03-10)
      The seaweed industry in the Philippines is a significant contributor to aquaculture production, both nationally and internationally. It out-produces the capture fisheries sector and most global producers, with the exception ...
    • Biosecurity policy and legislation for the global seaweed aquaculture industry 

      Campbell, Iona; Kambey, Cicilia S. B.; Mateo, Jonalyn P.; Rusekwa, Sadock B.; Hurtado, Anicia Q.; Msuya, Flower E.; Stentiford, Grant D.; Cottier-Cook, Elizabeth J. (Springer Verlag, 2019-12-26)
      Each year a significant proportion of global food production is lost to pests and diseases, with concerted efforts by government and industry focussed on application of effective biosecurity policies which attempt to ...