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    • Conference paper

      Survey on the use of natural food and supplemental feed in commercial milkfish farms on Panay, Philippines 

      C Lückstädt, U Focken, R Coloso & K Becker - In Deutscher Tropentag 2000: International Agricultural Research ; a Contribution to Crisis Prevention, October 11-12 2000, University of Hohenheim, 2000 - Stuttgart University
      This study evaluated the feed intake of the milkfish (Chanos chanos Forsskål) in commercial brackishwater ponds under different management regimes. Feed intake and growth were compared between a rather intensive culture management in a fish farm of 1 ha pond size and a semi-intensive one, with a total pond area of 30 ha. The data suggested a direct consumption of only 12 % of the supplemental feed in the intensive farm, leading to a wastage of high quality fish feed and a significantly lower specific and metabolic growth rate (P< 0.001) than in the semi-intensive system without any supplementation and only relying on abundant natural food through fertilization. These results suggest that a heavy reduction in, or even the abandonment of the use of, supplemental feed for milkfish culture would be more cost-effective.