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    • Harmful and toxic algae 

      Caturao, Romeo D. (Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2010)
      The chapter provides basic facts about harmful and toxic algae. It also discusses the conditions that stimulate their occurrence, different types of harmful and toxic algal blooms and their effects to fish and marine ...
    • Survival and settlement rates of Haliotis asinina larvae at different salinity levels 

      Maquirang, Jean Rose H.; Caturao, Romeo D.; Maquirang, Jessy H.; Pedroso, Fiona L. (IAMURE Multidisciplinary Research, 2013)
      The study was conducted to determine the optimum salinity levels (24 ppt, 28 ppt, 32 ppt, 36 ppt and 40 ppt) for the survival and settlement rates of H. asinina in a complete randomized design with three replicates each. ...