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      Effect of a diet lacking in vitamin and mineral supplements on growth and survival of Penaeus monodon juveniles in a modified extensive culture system 

      AT Triño & JC Sarroza - Aquaculture, 1995 - Elsevier
      Penaeus monodon postlarvae (mean weight 6 mg) were reared in 330 m2 earthen ponds for 120 days at a stocking density of 7.5 m−2, following a modified extensive culture system where natural food organisms are available. Two diets were tested, one with vitamin and mineral supplements and the other without. The results showed that growth, survival, apparent food conversion ratio (FCR), net production, and net cost of production were not significantly different between the two diets. The difference in cost of production between the diets appeared to be lower in shrimp fed a diet without vitamin and mineral supplements. The favorable cost difference of P8.00 kg−1 shrimp produced would make it more profitable to use a diet that contained no vitamin and mineral supplements in a modified extensive culture system.