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      Survival, maturation, fecundity and hatching rates of unablated and ablated Penaeus indicus H.M. Edwards from brackishwater ponds 

      JH Primavera, T Young & C de los Reyes - SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department Quarterly Research Report, 1979 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      Penaeus indicus harvested after three months of rearing in brackishwater ponds and averaging 6.9 g for females and 5.6 g for males were stocked in two 12 cu m flowthrough ferrocement tanks at 240 females and 200 males per tank. The females were ablated on one eyestalk in one tank and remained unablated in the other tank; all males were unablated. Ablated females spawned up to 7 times per female; unablated females spawned up to only 3 times during the two month duration of the experiment. Ablated females produced a total number of 17.5 x 106 eggs, 6.6 x 106 nauplii, and an average of 23,480 eggs/spawning and 37.8% hatching rate from a total of 757 spawnings. Unablated females produced a total of 2.0 x 106 eggs, 1.1 x 106 nauplii, and an average of 26.990 eggs/spawning and 53.9% hatching rate from a total of 74 spawnings. Survival of ablated females was 53.5% compared to 69.4% for unablated females; males in both tanks averaged more than 90% survival.