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      A comparison of the annual changes in testicular activity and serum androgen levels between the early and delayed maturing groups of male Cottus hangiongensis 

      GF Quinitio, A Goto & H Takahashi - Environmental Biology of Fishes, 1992 - Springer Verlag
      Annual changes in testicular activity and concentration of two serum androgens were monitored in two groups of the river-sculpin Cottus hangiongensis collected from the upper and lower reaches of a river at southern Hokkaido, Japan. One of them (early maturing group) underwent testicular maturation with aberrant spermatids and spermatid masses produced during the reproductive cycle. Moreover, regular seasonal changes in serum testosterone and 11-ketotestosterone concentrations were observed. On the other hand, in the other group (delayed maturing group), although body size of the fish was large enough to undergo reproduction, annual changes in gonadosomatic index and testicular activity did not vary much. During the months of active testicular development in the early maturing group, spermatogenesis was observed to begin in some regions of the testes of delayed maturing fish, but always resulted in the formation of aberrant spermatids and spermatid masses. Moreover, concentration of serum androgens did not significantly vary throughout the year. Results suggest that low androgen production is a proximal factor for delayed sexual maturity in the delayed maturing group, and that the occurrence of aberrant spermatids and spermatid masses during spermatogenesis is not linked to the delayed maturity.
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      Ovarian development and changes in the serum vitellogenin levels in the river sculpin, Cottus hangiongensis, during an annual reproductive cycle 

      GF Quinitio, A Takemura & A Goto - Bulletin - Faculty of Fisheries Hokkaido University, 1989 - Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University
      Annual changes in the ovarian development and serum vitellogenin concentration were investigated in the river sculpin, Cottus hangiongensis, sampled monthly from a river in southern Hokkaido, Japan. Ovarian development started advancing from summer and continued during the winter months until March with a maximum mean gonadosomatic index (GSI) of 15.99%. Hepatosomatic index (HSI) was also highest in March with a range of 5.13-5.95%. Spawning season usually occured from April to May. Annual changes in serum vitellogenin level correlated very well with the patterns of GSI and HSI, as well as histological changes of the ovary. However, high serum vitellogenin was maintained in March and April.