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    • An economic analysis of the modular pond system of milkfish production in the Philippines 

      Agbayani, Renato F.; Baliao, Dan D.; Franco, Nilo M.; Ticar, Romulo B.; Guanzon Jr., Nicolas G. (Elsevier, 1989)
      In 1980, the annual yield of milkfish ponds in the Philippines was 800 kg/ha while the potential yield is estimated to be 2000 kg/ha. The modular pond system analyzed in this study can largely close the gap between actual ...
    • Effect of stocking density and duration on stunting milkfish fingerlings in ponds 

      Baliao, Dan D.; Ticar, Romulo B.; Guanzon Jr., Nicolas G. (Taylor & Francis, 1986)
      The paper discusses the effect of stocking density and holding periods in stunting milkfish fingerlings in brackishwater ponds using twelve units of 144m2 earthen ponds. With 15, 20, and 25 fingerlings/m2 ...
    • Grouper culture in brackishwater ponds 

      Baliao, Dan D.; de los Santos, Miguel A.; Rodriguez, Eduard M.; Ticar, Romulo B. (Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 1998)
      Groupers (Epinephelus) are cultured in the Philippines using tiny fry and juveniles caught from the wild. A SEAFDEC/AQD technology verification study on grouper pond grow-out culture resulted in high productivity and ...
      Series: Aquaculture extension manual; No. 24
    • Nursery rearing of Penaeus monodon (Fabricius) using suspended (hapa) net enclosures installed in a pond 

      Rodriguez, Eduard M.; Bombeo-Tuburan, I.; Fukumoto, S.; Ticar, Romulo B. (Elsevier, 1993)
      The use of suspended (hapa) nets as nursery enclosures for shrimp fry was tested. In the first trial, four stocking densities (72, 144, 288, and 432 fry m−3) of P. monodon fry (PL20, body weight = 8 ...