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    • Conference paper

      Studies on the chemical composition of a cyanophyte, Spirulina platensis. 

      SF Baldia, T Nishijima, K Fukami & Y Hata - In LM Chou, AD Munro, TJ Lam, TW Chen, LKK Cheong, JK Ding, KK Hooi, HW Khoo, VPE Phang & KF Shim (Eds.), The Third Asian Fisheries Forum. Proceedings of the Third Asian Fisheries Forum, 26-30 October 1992, Singapore, 1994 - Asian Fisheries Society
      The chemical composition of Spirulina platensis NIES-46 and K-2 strains grown under varios condition of hight intensity and temperature were determined. The dry weight, chla, carotenoid, carbohydrate, protein, and lipid content in INES-46 strain were affected by various light intensities.

      Changes in carbohydrate, protein, and pigment content in INES-46 and K-2 strains occurred with different temperature condition, with the growth yield of NIES-46 strain increasing significantly with increased protein content.

      S. platensis NIES-46 and K2 strains contained sufficient quantities of essential amino acid except for methionine and histidine. The increase in the content of 18:2 and 18:2n6 fatty acids with respect to changes in light intensity and temperature would be important in maximizing their in S. platensis.