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    • Conference paper

      Collection of naturally-spawned milkfish eggs in floating cages 

      CL Marte, J Toledo, G Quinitio & A Castillo - In JL Maclean, LB Dizon & LV Hosillos (Eds.), The First Asian Fisheries Forum. Proceedings of the First Asian Fisheries Forum, 26-31 May 1986, Manila, Philippines, 1986 - Asian Fisheries Society
      Natural spawnings of milkfish from floating cages were obtained from different stocks of 5-7 year-old milkfish in 1980, 1981, 1983 and 1985. The maximum number of eggs collected in 1980, using a series of 1-m diameter stationary plankton nets, was about 900. Increased collections were obtained in succeeding years with different types of egg collectors and methods. Egg collection, however, is inferior when based on the expected number of eggs spawned by a single female. Although no systematic study was attempted to compare efficiency of various egg-collecting gears and methods, the problems associated with the use of each gear are presented. The experience may be used as a guide in future designs of efficient gears of collecting naturally-spawned eggs of milkfish or other fish species in floating cages.