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    • Conference paper

      Optimized feeding strategies in the larviculture of the Asian seabass Lates calcarifer. 

      P Dhert, M Duray, P Lavens & P Sorgeloos - In R Hirano & I Hanyu (Eds.), The Second Asian Fisheries Forum. Proceedings of the Second Asian Fisheries Forum, 17-22 April 1989, Tokyo, Japan, 1990 - Asian Fisheries Society
      This paper reports on the progress made at the Tigbauan hatchery of SEAFDEC in the Philippines, with the larviculture of the Asian seabass Lates calcarifer when using w3-HUFA enriched Brachionus and Artemia . In view of the high correlation between mouth size and total larval length, the feeding of different size classes of Artemia can be better programmed. The incorporation of the HUFA s 20:5w3 and 22:6w3 in the live prey Artemia , and possibly Brachionus , greatly improved larval ability to metamorphose, although it did not affect growth nor survival until day 21. However, when 21 day old fry were subjected to a stress test, much higher survival rates were obtained in HUFA-enriched seabass larvae, illustrating their superior physiological condition over fry cultured with non-enriched Brachionus and Artemia . These findings were used to propose an improved feeding strategy for the larviculture of Lates calcarifer .