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      Growth and carrageenan quality of Kappaphycus striatum var. sacol grown at different stocking densities, duration of culture and depth 

      AQ Hurtado, AT Critchley, A Trespoey & G Bleicher-Lhonneur - Journal of Applied Phycology, 2008 - Springer Verlag
      Kappaphycus striatum var. sacol was grown in two separate studies: (1) at two stocking densities, and (2) at four different depths, each for three different durations of culture (30, 45 and 60 days) in order to determine the growth rate of the seaweed and evaluate the carrageenan content and its molecular weight. The results demonstrated that stocking density, duration of culture and depth significantly (P < 0.01) affected the growth rate, carrageenan content and molecular weight of K. striatum var. sacol. Decreasing growth rate was observed at both stocking densities and at four depths as duration of culture increased. A lower stocking density (500 g m–1line–1) showed a higher growth rate for the shortest durations, i.e. 30 days, as compared to those grown at a higher density. Likewise, decreasing growth rate was observed as depth increased, except at 50 cm after 60 days of culture. A 45-day culture period produced the highest molecular weight at both stocking densities (500 g m–1line–1 = 1,079.5 ± 31.8 kDa, 1,000 g m–1line–1 = 1,167±270.6 kDa). 'Sacol' grown for 30 days at 50 cm (1,178 kDa) to 100 cm (1,200 kDa) depth showed the highest values of molecular weight of carrageenan extracted. The results suggested that K. striatum var. sacol is best grown at a stocking density of 500 g m–1line–1, at a depth of 50-100 cm, and for a duration of 30 days in order to provide the highest growth rate, carrageenan content and molecular weight.