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      Harvesting techniques for Nile tilapia fingerlings 

      NS Tabbu, RB Lacierda & RV Eguia - Fisheries Research Journal of the Philippines, 1986 - Fisheries Research Society of the Philippines
      The experiment was conducted in nine-320m2 - freshwater ponds to evaluate various techniques of harvesting tilapia fry. Three treatments with three replicates each were used: harvesting by seining the fry (Treatment I), daily harvesting of fry in ponds using fine-mesh scoop net (Treatment II) and harvesting of fry from hapa net cages installed in ponds (Treatment III). All broodstock ponds were prepared, maintained uniformly and sustained through fertilization at recommended dose.

      Results of the two trials/experiments indicated that the recovery of fry in hapa net installed in ponds is far superior than the other two techniques but mortality in all treatments is not significant.

      Hapa cages are used here as a tool for easy management as well as mechanical aid to prevent predation of fry and cannibalism inherent if fish is directly stocked in ponds. Hapa also served as substrate for natural food and additional grazing areas for young tilapia fry which resulted in high recovery.