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      Evaluation of the high rate algae pond system for softdrink waste treatment and for fish culture. 

      AE Santiago - Asian Environment, 1987 - Asean Journals Ltd.
      The High Rate Algae Pond System (HRAP) as secondary treatment for Cola effluents showed potential for reducing both COD load (about 88%) and high pH level (down to pH 7.0 -8.0). The effluent quality improved and can be used for raising tilapia.

      The algae production was low, that photosynthetic oxygen input alone was insufficient to satisfy oxygen requirement for microbial oxidation process and for fish respiration. Mechanical aerators, therefore, cannot be dispensed with for an aerobic condition.

      The low algae production was reflected in the growth increment of the test fishes and its low fat content (1%) indicative of starvation.