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    • Conference paper

      Practical water chemistry for fishfarmers I. Teaching strategies 

      JM Ferriols-Pavico, AC Gonzal & EV Aralar - In R Hirano & I Hanyu (Eds.), , 1990 - Asian Fisheries Society
      Years of ambitious, yet seemingly futile, efforts by the authors in the Philippines in making fishfarmers comprehend and appreciate chemical reactions the way chemists do, paved the way for the formulation of teaching strategies that communicate water chemistry. Theoretical concepts, being well understood, served as a springboard for farmers in translating abstract ideas into field situations. Laboratory practicals become less intimidating as standard laboratory glasswares and material were replaced by day to day material within the farmer s easy reach.
    • Article

      Water hardness determination using local laundry bar soaps for carp hatcheries. 

      JM Ferriols-Pavico, EV Aralar & AC Gonzal - Fisheries Research Journal of the Philippines, 1988 - Fisheries Research Society of the Philippines
      A simple method using local laundry soap is described for carp hatchery operation. A saturated soap solution was prepared and uses to titrate a 100-ml water sample of known hardness until a permanent lather appeared on the surface of the sample. The volume of soap solution was recorded to correspond to the hardness level tested. A fish farmer’s guide on the approximate levels of water hardness using WHEEL or PERLA soap solution is provided.