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    • Conference paper

      Comparative performance of three propeller blades used for push pumps. 

      PLJ Torres, SJ Jaspe, L Oniate & A Silomenio - In Report of the National Consultative Meeting on Aquaculture Engineering, 2-5 October 1985, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines, 1986 - ASEAN/UNDP/FAO Regional Small Scale Coastal Fisheries Development Project
      With the increasing trend to use pumps in aquaculture operations, tests were conducted on push pumps with three different propeller types. Type 21, a stainless two-bladed propeller where the blades were aligned together to form the Letter “I”, was found capable of delivering 10 m3/min at zero head. It was also the most efficient. The Type 2S propeller which has two blades made of brass with the blades forming the letter “S”, was found to have the lowest efficiency and also gave the lowest discharge. The performance of Type 3 propeller which has three blades made of brass is intermediate between the two other types. Push pumps are effective alternative pumping system for aquaculture.