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    • Collection of naturally-spawned milkfish eggs in floating cages 

      Marte, Clarissa L.; Toledo, Jeobert; Quinitio, Gerald; Castillo, Antonio (Asian Fisheries Society, 1986)
      Natural spawnings of milkfish from floating cages were obtained from different stocks of 5-7 year-old milkfish in 1980, 1981, 1983 and 1985. The maximum number of eggs collected in 1980, using a series of 1-m diameter ...
    • Culture of grouper, sea bass and red snapper 

      Toledo, Joebert D. (University of the Philippines Aquaculture Society, Inc., 2001)
      Marine fish production has increased dramatically in the past ten years and majority of the cultured species were produced in Asia in 1992. Increase in production was accompanied with concerns on increasing outbreak of ...
    • Egg quality of grouper Epinephelus coioides fed different fatty acid sources 

      Quinitio, Gerald F.; Coloso, Relicardo M.; Caberoy, Nora B.; Toledo, Joebert D.; Reyes Jr., Deogracias M. (American Fisheries Society, Physiology Section, 1996)
      Quality of eggs spawned by Epinephelus coioides fed fish by catch (control). Cod liver oil-enriched fish by catch (TFC), and commercial HUFA A-enriched fish by catch (TFS) was monitored. Monthly egg production, spawning ...
    • Institutional capacity development for sustainable aquaculture and fisheries: Strategic partnership with local institutions 

      Agbayani, Renato F.; Toledo, Joebert D. (Terrapub, 2008)
      Many people living in the rural areas in the Philippines, as in other developing countries in Southeast Asia, depend on aquatic resources for their food and livelihood. For the past two decades, the Aquaculture Department ...
    • Management of fish health in broodstock and larvae of milkfish, sea bass and grouper 

      Lavilla-Pitogo, Celia R.; Emata, Arnil C.; Duray, Marietta N.; Toledo, J. D. (The Oceanic Institute, 1996)
      Historically, reports on the occurrence of disease problems in milkfish, seabass and grouper were mainly on the isolation and identification of etiological agents. Studies on the tolereance of fish to chemotherapeutants ...
    • Mariculture techniques for Epinephelus sp. in the Philippines 

      Quinitio, Gerald F.; Toledo, Joebert D. (Philippine Council for Aquatic and Marine Research and Development; French Embassy in the Philippines, 1991)
      This paper reviews the status of different techniques that are presently practiced for Ephinephelus sp. culture in the Philippines. Constraints and problems encountered as well as possible solutions are also discussed.
    • Status of breeding and larval rearing of groupers 

      Toledo, Joebert D. (Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific, 2002)
      Attempts to breed groupers in captivity started about four decades ago. Ukawa et al. (1966) described the successful fertilization and embryonic development of the red grouper Epinephelus akaara. Fueled by the high market ...
    • Survival of yolk-sac larvae of grouper (Epinephelus suillus) under simulated transport conditions. 

      Quinitio, Gerald F.; Toledo, Joebert D.; Duller, A. T.; Reyes Jr., Deogracias M. (European Aquaculture Society. EAS Special Publication No. 15, 1991)
      Transport of live fish is a routine activity in aquaculture. Various transport techniques have been reported by Berka. Transport of grouper eggs (Epinephelus suillus) between fisheries stations in Thailand is being conducted. ...
    • Viability of milkfish eggs and larvae after simulated and actual transport 

      Toledo, Joebert D.; Doi, Masanori; Duray, Marietta (American Fisheries Society, Physiology Section, 1996)
      The viability of milkfish eggs and larvae after simulated and actual transport was investigated. Naturally-spawned milkfish eggs were collected and subjected to simulated or actual transport at early cleavage stage (stage ...