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    • Conference paper

      Feeding habits of hatchery-reared grouper, Epinephelus suillus larvae 

      MN Duray - In CL Marte, GF Quinitio & AC Emata (Eds.), Proceedings of the Seminar-Workshop on Breeding and Seed Production of Cultured Finfishes in the Philippines, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines, 4-5 May 1993, 1996 - Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center
      The feeding habits of hatchery-reared Epinephelus suillus larvae were determined by examining their gut contents. The larvae (2.6 mm TL) were initially fed rotifers on day 2 and newly-hatched Artemia nauplii on day 21 (9.1 mm TL). The amount of rotifers initially ingested averaged 1.3 individuals/larva. The ingestion rate increased as larvae grew. Larvae immediately showed strong preference for Artemia to rotifers on the first day of introduction. E. suillus larvae showed diurnal feeding pattern at day 7 (3.6 mm TL), day 14 (4.9 mm TL), day 21 (9.1 mm TL) and day 28 (11.1 mm TL). Feeding incidence decreased in the evening and was nil at 2100-2200 h. Active feeding started earlier in older larvae and satiation was between 0900-1000 h. The results of this study will be used as a basis in developing a good feeding scheme for E. suillus larvae.