SEAFDEC/AQD Institutional Repository


SEAFDEC/AQD Institutional Repository


Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Aquaculture Department Institutional Repository (SAIR) is the official digital repository of scholarly and research information of the department. This is to enable the effective dissemination of AQD researchers' in-house and external publications for free and online. The repository uses DSpace, an open source software, developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries. It is an Open Archives Initiative (OAI)-compliant.

Initially, the repository shall contain preprints, full-texts or abstracts of journal articles, books and conference proceedings written by SEAFDEC/AQD scientists and researchers. The aim is to promote these publications especially those published in international peer-reviewed journals and generate higher citation through increased visibility.

It will also provide free access to all in-house publications of SEAFDEC/AQD. Full-text digitized copies of fishfarmer-friendly materials like books, handbooks, policy guidebooks, conference proceedings, extension manuals, institutional reports, annual reports (AQD Highlights), and newsletters (SEAFDEC Asian Aquaculture, Aqua Farm News, AquaDept News and AQD Matters) can be retrieved and downloaded.

In the future, SAIR will expand its collection to include images, presentations, audios, and videos among others.

The objectives of the repository are to: (1) to provide reliable means for SEAFDEC/AQD researchers to store, preserve and share their research outputs and (2) to provide easy access and increase the visibility of SEAFDEC/AQD scientific publications

SAIR also aims to encourage SEAFDEC/AQD researchers for self-archiving and submitting pre-prints from which metadata will be screened and approved by the library staff.

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Recently Added

  • Baliao, D. D., & de los Santos, M. A. (1998). Mudcrab pen culture in mangroves Aquaculture Engineering, 13(1), 32-36. 
    Over the years, commercial production of mudcrab, Scylla spp, has been undertaken only in bamboo or net-fenced brackishwater ponds. Its feasibility was proven through series of verification trials conducted in commercial ...
  • Baliao, D. D., de los Santos, M. A., & Franco, N. M. (1998). The economics and marketing of cage-raised finfish and pen-raised mudcrab Aquaculture Engineering, 13(1), 85-91. 
    As part of the technology verification exercise for technologies developed through research, the economics and marketing aspects were investigated before such technologies can be extended to industry practitioners. These ...
  • Le Vay, L., Carvalho, G. R., Quinitio, E. T., Lebata, J. H., Ut, V. N., & Fushimi, H. (2007). Quality of hatchery-reared juveniles for marine fisheries stock enhancement Aquaculture, 268(1-4), 169-180. 
    The potential for stock enhancement by release of hatchery-reared juveniles continues to be a topic of interest to researchers and fisheries managers. While, in many studies, the focus has tended to be on the technology ...
  • Gall, Graham A. E.; Quinitio, E. T.; Primavera, J. H. (1998). Second International Conference on the Culture of Penaeid Prawns and Shrimps: Proceedings of an International Conference held at Iloilo City from 13-17 May 1996 Elsevier. 
    Abstracts of the papers presented at the conference are cited individually.
  • Baliao, D. D., De los Santos, M. A., & Franco, N. M. (1998). Culture of finfish in netcages Aquaculture Engineering, 13(1), 22-31. 
    This report consists of two parts, the first deals on the cage culture of grouper, and the second on cage culture of tilapia. The culture of groupers is done in netcages set in marine waters, while tilapia is raised in ...