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dc.contributor.authorKumagai, Shigeru
dc.contributor.authorCastillo, Nelson M.
dc.identifier.citationKumagai, S., & Castillo, N.M. (1980). Changes in the length and weight of milkfish, chanos chanos, larvae preserved in formalin. Fisheries Research Journal of the Philippines, 5(1):17-23.en
dc.description.abstractShore-caught milkfish fry (late postlarvae) and artificially-bred, laboratory-reared larvae (0-to 20-day old) were preserved in 5% and 10% freshwater-and/or seawater-formalin solutions after measuring their initial weights and/or lengths. The changes in length and weight were observed at regular intervals. Shrinkage in freshwater-formalin (FWF) was less than in seawater-formalin (SWF). The difference in 5% and 10% concentrations of the same solution was not significant. Wild fry showed a final shrinkage of 5.13% of the initial length in 5% SWF and 5.0 7% in 10% SWF. Shrinkage in laboratory-reared larvae varied from 5.09-8.35% according to the age and/or developmental stage, for the same preservation period of 14 days. In estimating the natural length of milkfish larvae preserved in 5-10% SWF, a 5% shrinkage must be considered. The specimens must be kept in the preservative for at least a week before measurement since it takes at least a week for shrinkage to stabilize. Nothing definite could be said, as yet, for the weight changes in milkfish larvae.en
dc.publisherFisheries Research Society of the Philippinesen
dc.subjectChanos chanosen
dc.titleChanges in the length and weight of milkfish, Chanos chanos, larvae preserved in formalinen
dc.citation.journalTitleFisheries Research Journal of the Philippinesen
dc.subject.asfafish larvaeen
dc.subject.asfabody sizeen
dc.subject.scientificNameChanos chanos

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