Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, Aquaculture Department Institutional Repository (SAIR) is the official digital repository of scholarly and research information of the department. This is to enable the effective dissemination of AQD researchers' in-house and external publications for free and online. The repository uses DSpace, an open source software, developed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Libraries. It is an Open Archives Initiative (OAI)-compliant.

Initially, the repository shall contain preprints, full-texts or abstracts of journal articles, books and conference proceedings written by SEAFDEC/AQD scientists and researchers. The aim is to promote these publications especially those published in international peer-reviewed journals and generate higher citation through increased visibility.

It will also provide free access to all in-house publications of SEAFDEC/AQD. Full-text digitized copies of fishfarmer-friendly materials like books, handbooks, policy guidebooks, conference proceedings, extension manuals, institutional reports, annual reports (AQD Highlights), and newsletters (SEAFDEC Asian Aquaculture, Aqua Farm News, AquaDept News and AQD Matters) can be retrieved and downloaded.

In the future, SAIR will expand its collection to include images, presentations, audios, and videos among others.

The objectives of the repository are to: (1) to provide reliable means for SEAFDEC/AQD researchers to store, preserve and share their research outputs and (2) to provide easy access and increase the visibility of SEAFDEC/AQD scientific publications

SAIR also aims to encourage SEAFDEC/AQD researchers for self-archiving and submitting pre-prints from which metadata will be screened and approved by the library staff.

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  • Aquaculture governance: Five engagement arenas for sustainability transformation 

    Partelow, Stefan ORCID; Asif, Furqan ORCID; Béné, Christophe ORCID; Bush, Simon ORCID; Manlosa, Aisa ORCID; Nagel, Ben ORCID; Schlüter, Achim ORCID; Chadag, Vishnumurthy Mohan; Choudhury, Afrina ORCID; Cole, Steven ORCID; Cottrell, Richard ORCID; Gelcich, Stefan; Gentry, Rebecca ORCID; Gephart, Jessica ORCID; Glaser, Marion ORCID; Johnson, Teresa R.; Jonell, Malin ORCID; Krause, Geshe; Kunzmann, Andreas ORCID; Kuehnhold, Holger ORCID; Little, David Colin; Marschke, Melissa ORCID; Mizuta, Darien D.; Paramita, Adiska Octa ORCID; Pin, Nie; Salayo, Nerissa D.; Stentiford, Grant ORCID; Stoll, Joshua S.; Troell, Max ORCID; Turchini, Giovanni ORCID (Elsevier, 2023-12)
    A greater focus on governance is needed to facilitate effective and substantive progress toward sustainability transformations in the aquaculture sector. Concerted governance efforts can help move the sector beyond fragmented ...
  • Black tiger shrimp revival program stepping up at AQD 

    Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (Secretariat, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2023-11)
    As a highlight of its 50th anniversary, the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department (AQD) inaugurated its new Black Tiger Shrimp Broodstock Facility in Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines on 3 July 2023. The biosecure facility was built ...
  • AQD Matters 2023 July - August 

    Armada, Nyra G. (Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2023-10)
    In this issue: 1) SEAFDEC/AQD's new facilities to boost milkfish, shrimp production; 2) Chief Baliao graces bilateral talk between PH, Papua New Guinea; 3) Executive Committee members engage in dialogue at global aquaculture ...
  • Comparison of reproductive aspects of the tropical eel Anguilla bicolor (McClelland 1884) in freshwater and estuarine habitats 

    Rachmawati, Farida Nur; Susilo, Untung ORCID; Aya, Frolan ORCID (Marine Science Department, Diponegoro University, 2023-09-07)
    The tropical anguillid eel, Anguilla bicolor McClelland, experiences significant growth up to the adult size in both freshwater and estuarine ecosystems, encountering salinity gradients that may impact their reproduction. ...
  • The reestablishment of mangrove crabs (Scylla spp.) in an abandoned pond following natural mangrove recolonization 

    Lebata-Ramos, Ma. Junemie Hazel ORCID; Solis, Ellen Flor D.; Sibonga, Rema ORCID (Wiley, 2023-09-04)
    Scylla spp. are among the most economically important fisheries resources derived from the mangroves. However, the widespread mangrove destruction resulted in the loss of habitat, thus the dwindling capture production ...

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