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dc.contributor.authorBagarinao, Teodora
dc.identifier.citationBagarinao, T. (1986). The milkfish seed resources survey in Sri Lanka: Status, problems and recommendations. Journal of Inland Fisheries, 3, 96-107.en
dc.description.abstractA summary is provided of information concerning the milkfish (Chanos chanos) seed resources of Sri Lanka, highlighting problems related to seed collection. Various recommendations are made to overcome these problems and the following areas are covered: logistic aspects; technical aspects; seed supply; demand for seed; uneven sizes of seed; storage techniques; mortality; collection season; shore waters and other new collection grounds; development of collection methods and gear; and, identification of milkfish fry.en
dc.publisherMinistry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Sri Lankaen
dc.subjectChanos chanos
dc.subjectSri Lankaen
dc.titleThe milkfish seed resources survey in Sri Lanka: Status, problems and recommendationsen
dc.citation.journalTitleJournal of Inland Fisheriesen
dc.subject.asfaFish cultureen
dc.subject.asfaAquaculture developmenten
dc.subject.asfaAquaculture techniquesen
dc.subject.asfaSeed collectionen

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