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dc.contributor.authorRodriguez, Luis M.
dc.identifier.citationRodriguez, L.M. (1976). A simple method of tagging prawns. Natural and Applied Science Bulletin, 28(4), 303-308.en
dc.descriptionThis paper is Contribution No. 4 SEAFDEC, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines.en
dc.description.abstractThe recognition of individual animals is crucial to many aspects of research. Prawns present unique difficulties in this respect since they molt regularly. Thus almost all tagging and marking methods developed for prawns so far have proven inadequate. Some are lost during molting; others cause injury to the prawns. A new and efficient method has been developed at the Igang Sea Farming Station of the Aquaculture Department. Brass tags measuring 5 mm by 20 mm and numbered consecutively are encircled around the eyestalk like a small bracelet. The prawn is gently held at the base of the carapace by the left hand while the right hand slips the brass tag over the eye. The tag is gently pressed around the eyestalk to prevent its slipping out. All tagging is done under water to avoid stress.en
dc.publisherUniversity of the Philippinesen
dc.subjectPenaeus monodonen
dc.titleA simple method of tagging prawnsen
dc.citation.journalTitleNatural and Applied Science Bulletinen
dc.subject.asfacrustacean cultureen
dc.subject.scientificNamePenaeus monodonen

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