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dc.contributor.authorTriño, Avelino T.
dc.contributor.authorSitoy, H.
dc.contributor.authorBañada, Vicente C.
dc.contributor.authorEsteba, W.
dc.identifier.citationTriño, A.T., Sitoy, H., Bañada, V.C., & Esteba, W. (1984). Effect of light on milkfish fry catch efficiency of moving gears with and without fish lamp. Fisheries Research Journal of the Philippines, 9(1-2):14-18.en
dc.descriptionThis study saw partly supported by a grant to the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department by the IDRC of Canada under Project No. 3-P-74-0033.en
dc.description.abstractThe daily and hourly catch of milkfish fry in the coast of Barangay Tubog, Hamtic, Antique was recorded over a period of 121 hours using two similar gears along the shoreline on opposite directions of each other. One gear (gear A) was without light and the other (gear B) was with light at night time. The results obtained revealed no significant differences among catches of both gears at day time and at night time by hour or by day at five percent and one percent confidence level. Apparently, the results suggest that the use of fish lamp fixed in mobile gear at night time will not increase the milkfish fry collection efficiency of the gear.en
dc.publisherFisheries Research Society of the Philippinesen
dc.subjectChanos chanosen
dc.titleEffect of light on milkfish fry catch efficiency of moving gears with and without fish lamp.en
dc.citation.journalTitleFisheries Research Journal of the Philippinesen
dc.subject.asfacollecting devicesen
dc.subject.scientificNameChanos chanos

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