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dc.contributor.authorPantastico, Julia B.
dc.contributor.authorBaldia, Jose P.
dc.contributor.authorBaldia, Susana F.
dc.contributor.authorReyes, Deogracias M., Jr.
dc.contributor.authorGonzal, Angelito C.
dc.identifier.citationPantastico, J. B., Baldia, J. P., Baldia, S. F., Reyes Jr., D. M., & Gonzal, A. C. (1986). Isolation and cultivation of Anabaena sp. from organic media after sterilization. Philippine Agriculturist, 69(4B), 645-654.en
dc.description.abstractA species of Anabaena was isolated from the fronds of Azolla pinnata by combining the chopped fronds of the Azolla extract with either lake water or an organic medium (duck manure alone or combined with banana stalk) and sterilizing at 121°C and 15 psi for 20 min. Growth of Anabaena sp. was observed within 33 to 37 days and compared with the morphology of A. azollae squeezed from the fronds of Azolla pinnata. Results were discussed regarding the high temperature tolerance of the recently isolated Anabaena sp. Anabaena sp. was incubated in synthetic sponge carriers and grown in different media. The total nitrogen contributions of Anabaena sp. in lake water and in nitrogen-free inorganic medium was 22.3 and 13.2 mg/l respectively after 60 days.en
dc.publisherUniversity of the Philippines at Los Bañosen
dc.subjectN2-fixing algaen
dc.titleIsolation and cultivation of Anabaena sp. from organic media after sterilizationen
dc.citation.journalTitlePhilippine Agriculturisten

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