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dc.contributor.authorQuinito, Emilia T.
dc.contributor.authorParado-Estepa, Fe D.
dc.identifier.citationQuinitio, E. T., & Parado-Estepa, F. D. (2000). Transport of Scylla serrata megalopae at various densities and durations. Aquaculture, 185(1-2), 63-71.en
dc.description.abstractThe optimal conditions for transport of Scylla serrata megalopae were determined. Loading densities of 50, 100 and 150 ind l−1 of hatchery-reared megalopae were studied over a 6-h simulated transport, including shaking. Survival immediately after transport was significantly higher at 50 ind l−1 (99.3±1.6%) (mean±x%) than at 100 (93.0±5.0) and 150 ind l−1 (94.0±3.8%). The same trend was noted 15 h after transport. Another experiment compared survival of megalopae packed at 50 and 100 ind l−1 with simulated transport of various durations (3, 6, and 9 h) at mobile and stationary conditions. Regardless of the duration and condition of transport, survival was again significantly higher at 50 ind l−1 (86.7±2.4%) compared to 100 ind l−1 (79.7±2.1%). Megalopae that were shaken or remained unshaken for 3 or 6 h had similar survival through transport as those shaken for 9 h. Megalopae that remained unshaken for 9 h gave the lowest survival among treatment groups (38.7±0.2%). Due to cannibalistic behavior, stationary transport conditions may have provided the megalopae with a chance to grasp each other. In a third experiment, a batch of megalopae was packed at water temperature levels of 20, 24, and 28°C (ambient) at 50 and 100 ind l−1 for 6 h simulated transport, including shaking. Density and temperature separately influenced survival. Survival was lower at 28°C than 24°C. Although megalopae were less active at 20°C, survival was similar to that at 24°C and 28°C. These results provide useful information for megalopae transport from hatchery to ponds.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThis study was partly funded by the Australian Centre for Agricultural Research (ACIAR) under Project No. 9217.en
dc.subjectScylla serrataen
dc.subjectMud craben
dc.titleTransport of Scylla serrata megalopae at various densities and durationsen
seafdecaqd.library.callnumberVF SJ 0641
dc.subject.asfacrab cultureen
dc.subject.asfadevelopmental stagesen
dc.subject.asfalarval stageen
dc.subject.scientificNameScylla serrataen

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