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dc.contributor.authorde la Peña, Milagros R.
dc.contributor.authorVillegas, Cesar T.
dc.identifier.citationDe la Peña, M. R., & Villegas, C. T. (2005). Cell growth, effect of filtrate and nutritive value of the tropical Prasinophyte Tetraselmis tetrathele (Butcher) at different phases of culture. Aquaculture Research, 36(15), 1500–1508.en
dc.description.abstractA local algal isolate Tetraselmis tetrathele was studied to determine the suitable levels of three growth factors (nutrient medium, light intensity and photoperiod) for mass culture. Significantly higher population cell count (141.92 × 104) were found in 4-day-old cultures (exponential phase) enriched with Conwy medium and exposed continuously to 93.31–103.5 μmole photon m−2 s−1 light intensity compared with two other media (F, SEAFDEC/AQD) under the same light conditions. Cultures exposed to higher levels of photosynthetic photon flux density and continuous photoperiod had a significantly higher cell count regardless of nutrient media used. The chemical composition of T. tetrathele varied as the culture aged. Significantly higher crude protein (49.6%) and crude ash (15.9%) were found in cultures harvested at exponential than at stationary phase of growth. In contrast, significantly higher carbohydrate (55.2%) was noted as the culture aged. There was an increase in the percentage of saturated, monoenoic and n-3 highly unsaturated fatty acids at the stationary phase of growth. Addition of filtrate from various phases of growth and from 10-day-old cultures at various concentrations stimulated cell growth of T. tetrathele. This study identified the optimum growth conditions for mass culture of T. tetrathele and demonstrated its change in the chemical composition as the culture aged.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThe authors are grateful to Rogelio Gacutan, Prof. Zosima Vicencio, Dr. Veronica Alava, Dr. Doris Bagarinao and to the anonymous reviewers for the helpful comments on the manuscript. This work was supported by the MNR/BFAR/SEAFDEC/PCARR Graduate Study Grant.en
dc.publisherBlackwell Publishingen
dc.subjectTetraselmis tetratheleen
dc.titleCell growth, effect of filtrate and nutritive value of the tropical Prasinophyte Tetraselmis tetrathele (Butcher) at different phases of cultureen
dc.citation.journalTitleAquaculture Researchen
seafdecaqd.library.callnumberVF SJ 0816
dc.subject.asfaNutritive valueen

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